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What is a brand and why do you need it?

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Most people think that a brand is just a logo – like the infamous Nike tick or that funky “m” used by McDonald’s, but the truth is that a logo is only one element of building a great brand. It’s a creative element, requires a lot of thought and can be a lot of fun, but it is just one element.
A brand consists of several design components:

The look

1. Specific style
2. A unique and styled font
3. Perfect spacing
4. relevant and specific colour pallet
5. uniformed imagery

The feel

1. branded shapes
2. round or sharp edges
3. swirls or straight lines
4. flat colours or gradients
5. strokes
6. size and thickness of fonts and shapes

After the concept of the brand is understood and drafted, the logo creation can commence. The logo will directly represent your brand. It is a graphic that should reflect your business, product or service.

Fine! Let’s talk about the logo

The logo has been around for many years. Long before you and I were born, companies were crafting trademark graphics to promote recognition of their products and services – Coca-Cola being on that always springs to mind. The icon typography was initially created in the 1890’s and has successfully travelled through the passage of time with very little change.

So, the logo is a big deal – trends come and go, but logos usually hang around for a long time – that’s why they have to be well thought out and created by someone with branding and design experience.

What else falls into the brand category?

Other representations of your brand will include:
– Your website
– Your social media
– Your business cards
– Flyers
– Letterheads
– Email signatures
– Printed and digital marketing materials

But not all the branding is done via design and coding – brands are built on customer service, interaction and engagement.

How you deal with customers will reflect how your brand is perceived. For example, if you pride yourself in giving customers the best prices for your particular product or service then people will quickly begin associating your brand with a competitive company that strives to provide customers value for their money.

The same applies if you choose to focus on giving customers outstanding customer service – this will mean that people will begin to know you as a reliable and trustworthy company.
Ultimately brands are built on your overall look and services/products and how you engage with your audience.

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