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SEO vs Unique Content

SEO vs Unique Content blog
SEO vs Unique content

For years marketers have been banging on about SEO (Site Engine Optimisation) and with good reason! SEO is super important in trying to get your website to reach more people organically, but in many cases, it seems to have lost its flavour. Is it now a battle of SEO vs unique content?

SEO is not site hacking

SEO is a delicate process that does not require a hacker! Hacking your website to rank higher might get you some traffic temporarily but it will probably get you penalised by search engines such as Google and Bing in the long run! Yes, I said Bing, there are more search engines than just Google and sometimes optimising for Bing and Yahoo means you can get away from the noise and grab the attention of new customers.

SEO specialists take time to analyse your site, your industry, your competition and the latest trends before formulating a realistic and effective SEO strategy. The difficulty with SEO is that it there is no one formula that fits all. Not every SEO strategy is going to work with every website.

Optimisation strategies are developed considering:

  • The industry
  • Type of product or service being offered (this includes blog sites)
  • Target audience
  • Location (if relevant)
  • Demographic
  • Competition

Technical SEO

SEO has a huge technical side and that’s why people leave it to the experts to get their site optimised to rank higher in search engines. The backend of the website has to be compliant with the correct standards to compete with other sites offering similar services. SEO, when not done properly, can get your site appearing like a spam site or considered as something unsafe. So you have to be careful when choosing the right SEO agency to help you optimise your website.

Things like Meta tags/descriptions and keywords, etc, are the mechanics behind driving traffic to your website, but there is a huge factor that people seem to overlook – perhaps one of the most important factors in the world of SEO. UNIQUE CONTENT!

Content marketing

If technical SEO is the mechanics of driving traffic, then having great quality content is surely the backbone.

So, what is the meaning of great content? And how is used for marketing?

With the online world going crazy with driving traffic to websites, they have forgotten that traffic is in fact, people! When people visit your website, they expect to get value from what they are viewing. What’s the point of going on to a website that gives you nothing?

Your website should consider having:

  • High-quality articles and blogs that are relevant to what the visitors are searching for
  • Written content that adds value to the reader
  • Good quality relevant images
  • Creative infographics that provide relevant information
  • Video content that is relevant and provides value to the viewer

This type of valuable content is not only viewed it is usually shared. And the more it is shared the more popular it becomes.

When considering SEO, you can’t forget that this was a method of getting organic traffic – and organic is usually steady but the traffic is usually well targeted and of high quality.

Why is targeted SEO important?

There’s one thing getting insane amounts of traffic on your website and another thing completely when getting targeted traffic. The right visitors will be more likely to not bounce off your site cause your bounce rate to increase and they will be more likely to take an action.

For example, if I was driven to a site that sold boats and had no interest in buying a boat, I will click off the site within a few seconds, increasing your website’s bounce rate. If, however, I was interested in buying a boat and was driven to the website, then I would hang around and see what you had to offer. The determining factor of what I do next, e.g. subscribe, contact or even make a purchase, will depend on your brand, website, sales pitch, products, prices, etc.

In this business, getting your target audience is key!



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