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Why Use a Creative Agency?

So why should you use a Creative Agency?

Before delving into why you should use a creative agency, it is essential to understand what a creative agency is.

A creative marketing agency is a team of digital marketing experts who work towards building your brand and online presence. The team ranges from marketing consultants, graphic designers, blog writers and content creators to SEO (Site Engine Optimisation) experts, web/mobile app designers, coding experts and developers.

Here is an outline of some of the services that a creative agency offers:

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When doing anything, especially when going into business, it is imperative to get advice. Consultancy is just that! A creative agency is experienced in dealing with companies and how they look, feel and function.

When you approach a creative agency with regards to starting a business or improving an existing one, they will take the time to analyse your business, research your industry and advise you on the best way to move forward. This could be instrumental to your success. They could save you from making a huge mistake and losing investment and could also show you more effective ways to grow.

An excellent creative agency will offer an initial consultancy for free!


Creative agencies have professional graphic designers who are skilled in creating your brand. Many people are still under the impression that a brand is a logo which is not true. A brand is so much more. A brand is an identity – it includes a company logo, but it also includes:

–    Type of fonts used

–    Space in-between letters

–    Negative space

–    Colours

–    Language

A brand is built on how your company runs, customer service, the services your offer and so much more. A logo can be created in hours, but a brand can take years!

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A creative agency is not like hiring a freelance graphic designer. Most graphic designers are brilliant at creating good looking logos but don’t necessarily know a lot about branding concepts. A creative agency will take the time to analyse the types of service or products you are offering, your business and your competition and then create a marketing strategy before they even begin building your branding identity.

Why is this important? I hear you ask. Well, once you have created a company ID it can be challenging and expensive to rebrand – but not impossible.

The best approach is to get it right the first time! This is not always easy, and that’s precisely why you should look to getting your brand ID built by a creative agency – it’s their business to get you in business.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is not just about logos – graphic design is in the look of your company in its entirety. This includes:

–    Business cards

–    Flyers

–    Posters

–    Website images

–    Social media banners

–    Timeline images

–    And so much more

There is a big difference from someone knowing how to use design tools such Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and a skilled designer! A professional designer will know the ins and outs of design, colour, imagery, etc. You can usually tell when an amateur has designed something and when a skilled graphic designer has done it.

The beauty of having a graphic designer from a creative agency is that they will make sure your brand is visible across all your platforms, both digital and print.

Yes, I mentioned print! There is a common misconception that print marketing is dead and it is now all about digital marketing, and although I can see that there is some truth in this, print marketing is still very much alive!

The days of waking up to a slush pile of posted advertising materials are over. Most companies have shifted their focus towards digital marketing. They have capitalised on Google ads, Facebook and Twitter ads and the brilliant ones are using SEO services. But inevitably that means you’ve got more chance of capitalising on the printed media as you don’t have to fight to get on top of the slush pile! I don’t know about you, but I get quite excited when I see a leaflet come through my door in the morning now.

I am not saying that print marketing is better than digital marketing because it isn’t – not by a long shot! Digital marketing and SEO can get you seen by a broad audience, and the world is literally at your fingertips. But there are people out there who still like to look at and touch business cards, leaflets, brochures physically.

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Web Design

A Creative Agency has web design specialists who understand the look, feel and mechanics behind a great website. They look at what good looks like in your industry and make it look even better!

They make it their mission to understand what you want from your website and design it to specification.

The great thing about having a professional web designer, and what differentiates them from the Cowboys, is that they don’t just design a great looking site, they aim to create a fantastic user experience for all your clients. This is essential if you want your visitors to enjoy using your website and ultimately convert into customers.

The Bright Choice Marketing web design process is about creative thinking – designing something unique and fits in tune with your brand. A sure way to fail when getting a website built is to have it created by someone who doesn’t understand branding logic. That’s why all our web designers are experts in branding.

Content creation

Over the past year or so, marketers have been banging on about content, and you have to ask yourself why. The expression Content is King has undoubtedly held on to its reputation.

With people going crazy with SEO hacks, they have forgotten that driving people to your website becomes a little silly if you do not have anything of any real value when people get there.

This creates strong bounce rates and damages your online reputation.

A creative agency has savvy content creators who are skilled in thinking out of the box when building great unique content for your website and social media platforms.

Good content creators will take the time to research your business and the type of content that is relevant to what you are offering to your visitors. And then they will begin creating content that draws the right kind of attention.

They know what type of content fits in what kind of platform and they keep up with the latest algorithms. If Facebook is pushing imagery or live video this month, content creators will ensure they are creating that type of content for you. This is a guaranteed method to get the best results in building traction.

A creative agency does not just create content and then throw it out there, once the content is done with all the relevant information and specific keywords, it is then optimised by the SEO technical team regarding structure, metadata, etc. The SEO team then work on getting that content shared far and wide – drawing in as much traffic as possible.

Consistent updates

Competition is fierce in most markets these days, and smart people that usually succeed in business are ones that do not try to do everything themselves. They use the tools around them, so they can focus on their business. A creative agency takes away the hassle of trying to market your business, so you can make sure it runs correctly.

A creative agency will keep your business updated with the latest trends and will fill you in with all the details later. They provide monthly reports and have regular strategy meetings to show you how you will move forward and grow and successful business.


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