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Design & Development

Our Design and Development Strategy

“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.” – Charles Eames

Every great project starts with design. At Bright Choice, we encourage all our clients to think about their ethos and build the look and feel of the final product around it.

Emotion drives our wants and needs, which in turn drives useful innovation and useful innovation appeals to end-customers unlike anything else. At Bright Choice, this is our primary objective and how we produce all of our best work.

It helps that we are perfectionists.

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We use the best tools today to prepare for tomorrow

We use industry-standard software to ensure your projects look unique, professional and attention-demanding. We design with Adobe’s creative applications and prototype quickly with Microsoft Visual Studio © and Marvel ©.

At Bright Choice Marketing, we develop websites all the time for a huge variation of clients: from fresh, exciting startups to large well-established businesses. This can be done as part of a new branding exercise, or just a stand-alone project. All web projects are tailored to your requirements and we fully support static, bespoke and CMS requirements.
There is a common misconception that a brand is simply a logo, but this is far from the truth. A logo is within a brand but is not the brand. A brand is a variety of things, things like your philosophy, mission statement, vision, policies, customer service, logo, image, language and so much more. The fact is a logo can be made in a day, but a brand can take years.
We can help you build your corporate identity and build your brand.
We use only the latest and greatest coding standards in all of our work. We've been building applications for 6 years be it on the web or an app on a smartphone, you can be sure that any programming for your project will be up-to-date.


We understand that brands live and die on their design. However, design is inherently contextualised: ask yourself the question, what is my project for? Design for Web is a very different ballgame to Design for Print and designs have to be tailored to fit each. We understand these differences, and we can help ensure that any design work you need is beautiful, professional and fit for your project.

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Colours are just as important as context and meaning as they can enhance them or they can negatively affect a customer’s perception of a brand. We perform extensive colour research to ensure your colours match your vision, appeal to your customers and, most importantly, look great at the same time.


At Bright Choice, we develop using only the latest coding languages and practices. For the web, we use HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and its libraries as well as PHP7 for scripting. For mobile application development, we use Ionic 3 and Angular 4. This ensures that whatever we develop for you, our work will always be up-to-date and using the latest and greatest technologies the world has to offer.

different web technologies used

For our CMS projects, we primarily work with WordPress, although we may accept projects specifying another CMS package if required. WordPress is the world’s largest CMS provider; it’s free and open-source and very regularly updated for security and new features. We’ve been using WordPress for many years and can tailor any website to your specific needs while remaining easily editable by your own team with a little training.

Wordpress has a couple of solutions for eCommerce sites but we love Woocommerce. It’s one of the most flexible eCommerce platforms available and it supports a very wide range of payment solutions like WorldPay and as well as more personalised gateways such as Stripe. However you want to take payment through your website and sell your products, we can ensure that you’re comfortable with managing by yourself. We also offer management packages if you’d prefer to let us keep your site updated.

We are a complete design and development solution for your business.


Anyone can program. No, seriously! Everyone can program!

With the rise of sites like Udemy and Codecademy, it’s never been easier to learn how to code. But knowing how to code is not the same as being a professional coder and it’s a sad fact that most people prioritise price over quality. This has led to a dearth of so-called developers from overseas handling projects that they are not fully qualified for.

“Establish programming conventions before you begin programming. It’s nearly impossible to change code to match them later.” – Steve McConnell

There are coding conventions that are supposed to be followed, otherwise it will only be the one individual who knows how anything works. Programming is usually a large and complicated process which can easily become confusing and unwieldy unless good practise is used. At Bright Choice we pledge that all of our work will be:

  • Well commented – so anyone can know what each part of code does
  • Appropriately named – with simple and meaningful naming conventions
  • As simple as possible – light code is fast code, that’s why we try to limit JS
  • Portable – hard-coding opens security issues and porting problems
  • Following the latest advice from W3C and standards from other language groups