Design and branding

Beautiful design tailored for you.

Design impacts our lives in ways we rarely realise. It’s emotive – subtle and minimalistic or loud and proud and always in harmony with your style and services.

Great design stands out from the crowd, not only for its creativity and elegance but for the message it delivers. When creating your brand, we discover who you are, identify what you want your audience to see and then deliver!

London Elite Builders

We re-branded a small business in the contruction sector of North London from a stale logo that the company had begun to dislike. We kept the old base of four lines and strong typography, building an angled shape with new brand colours and fonts.

Salaam Academy

We developed a quick logo and brand for a academy with arabic calligraphy, serif fonts and a bold, confident facade to engender trust and stability.


Evolution is a fast paced and serious business that needed a brand identity that reflected their professional image.

We had the exciting opportunity to work with them to create a powerful brand.

evolution Rental and Leasing


We love starting brands from scratch and that’s why we had a real buzz working with a brand new startup, Fynamics.

We had the challenge to create a brand that meant business!

Fynamics Brand design created by Bright Choice Marketing


When Astute approached us and asked if we could develop the company brand, we were thrilled!

We had the challenge of thinking about fonts, colours, shapes and education!

They were pleased with the results.

Astute Brand Project created by Bright Choice Marketing