Supreme Taxis

Supreme Taxis started in 2014 as a taxi and airport transfer business servicing Buckinghamshire. They gained a positive reputation due to their use of executive cars and quality service at lower prices compared to their competitors; the chaufering market is a saturated business segment after all and it’s not easy to break in as a new company.


Bright Choice were approached to re-design and develop the Supreme Taxis website and add a multi-stage booking form to make client orders much simpler.

While the technical feasibility of the site wasn’t difficult, Supreme Taxis wanted to market their higher-end cars in a way that would attract the relevant customers to their services. The challenge was to design something that would appeal to a more sophisticated client-base, while making the services on offer easy to understand, and simple to book.


The traditional desktop / laptop displays were important, but the company required a responsive website optimised for speed. We also noticed that their original host did not have SSL-certification and so their old website was being served from an insecure server space (not good for security and even worse for SEO) and so we pitched a SiteGround shared hosting package to the director (our favourite web host) and optimised the site with browser and server caching and also set up the site on the CloudFlare Content Delivery Network (CDN).

The result was an 84/100 page speed score and a load time of just 2.29s.


The website was required to pull in bookings and so an initial, short booking form was added to an attractive video banner to help pull in customer details.


A custom booking form was created, integrating Google Maps API data and auto-completion of location entries upon entry.


A compact contact page detailing all of the diiferent ways to communicate with the company and locate their office. A custom-styled Google map was added using the Maps API and branded with the company’s colours and logo location pin.


The content page design was conceptualised as a minimalist, static header image with a bold title and sub-title. Focus was given to re-directing users to the booking form as clearly and unobtrusively as possible. As these are information-heavy pages, concise layouts were prioritised with iconography and visual interpretation of details.


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