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What is Bright Choice Marketing?
Bright Choice Marketing is a creative agency brewed with a blend of imaginative designers, content creators, social media marketers and app & website developers.

We’re more than just a creative agency – we specialise in analysing the latest trends and creating a strong online presence for our clients. Our content creators create content that is not only optimised to rank high on search engines but it is high quality, so your readers will enjoy it and engage with it.

The bottom line is: our bright young marketers are always a step ahead of the game

…We make it our business to know the business.

We pride ourselves on the partnerships that we create with our customers.

We work with our clients, not for them. We value your business and strive to build trust by working openly and honestly with all our clientele.

Our prices are always competitive for the quality that we produce, with a clear billing structure and no hidden costs.

Bright Choice is a premier branding and creative design and development agency based in High Wycombe and in London. With over 10 years of industry experience and a dedicated team of professionals, we know how to deliver quality branding and design solutions within timescales and budgets.

Our experienced team of designers have a knack for over delivering on client expectations. Our objective is to help our clients increase their revenue through a number of creative projects – this is what we are good at and this is what we deliver.

We have a unique methodology of delivering solutions which ensures a seamless process of delivery – we work with you in a partnership.

Over the years, we have evolved. We move with the times – we have studied trends – how fast they come and how fast they go. We use our knowledge and experience to keep ahead of the game to catch trends as they spawn.

What we do


On an average day, you will encounter hundreds of brands…

…You will only remember the ones that consistently STAND OUT from the crowd.

With our experience in creating, implementing and building global and local identities, both old and new, we can bring your brand to life – and keep it breathing.

Our creative graphic designers have many years of working on creating new brands and rebranding existing ones.

The bottom line is… you are in good hands!


We live in a fast-paced world where the information is only a click away.

We specialise in creating websites and web/mobile apps that not only look unique and stunning but create a seamless, enjoyable and memorable user experience.

All our websites and mobile apps are designed by qualified and experienced graphic designers – so we deliver perfection every time.

Our experienced developers are skilled in the latest coding standards and use only the best software applications to ensure the best quality possible.


You ever heard the expression “Content is King”?

Content is what get people interested and engaged with your products or services. And that’s why is it so important to have great unique content that gets your customers hooked.

Content comes in different shapes and sizes. Our savvy content creators conduct market research in your industry before creating a visually stunning showcase for what you are selling. This will consist of beautiful imagery, infographics and high quality written content.


Even in the digital world, there’s a place for the hard copy. But we know it is costly so when we do print-work, we make sure it’s required and relevant.

We’ve done everything from business cards to billboards, and we understand the process – from the fundamentals of good typography through to the importance of selecting the right printer, and everything in between.

We use high-quality printers for all our print materials to ensure that you get the best quality in all your print marketing needs.

It’s in the print.

Why should you use a creative agency? 

our agency has expanded and developed over the years

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