Digital agencies have become even more critical since Covid19


Sajjad Tameez

Aside from the coronavirus having a devastating effect on health and human life, it has had a considerable impact on businesses across the board.

Some businesses have gone under entirely while others are barely hanging on. Many companies now, however, have changed the way they operate – instead of surrendering, they have moved their products and services online.

How did this help?

With lock-down and social distancing laws enforced, it was near impossible for people to go out to buy products and services they would usually buy. But when businesses started focusing more on online, digital sales, they managed to regain a level of business. Customers could go on to their websites, find what they were looking for, purchase it online and have it delivered and all without breaking any of the social distancing laws.

Are digital platforms just for products?

Absolutely not! Although most people associate online stores and eCommerce sites with products, services are also available online. A prime example of this is how tuition centres have adapted to the circumstances by moving their classes online.

This way, tutors can continue to provide lessons to their students while following the social distancing rules. This not only helps keep the tuition companies stay in business, but also continues to provide valuable education for children. With schools being closed this is now even more important.

Other companies across the globe are using platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and Webex to continue to engage with their staff who are self-isolating and try to continue operating.

With all this online activity, digital agencies have had to increase their level of services and the support they offer. With so many businesses relying on digital platforms, online service providers have become increasingly significant.

How do digital agencies help?

Digital agencies focus most of their attention on online platforms – they are skilled in developing eCommerce websites and managing websites in times of increased demand. Digital agencies are also experienced in integrating popular application and communication tools directly into websites to help businesses engage efficiently with their audiences.

Digital agencies are also high in demand from a marketing perspective – now that businesses are physically not visible, they must not be invisible online. Customers need to know that they exist, still operate, and can still provide them with services and products.

Services such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), social media marketing and content marketing play a crucial role in online organic reach.

By providing potential customers with this level of engagement and advertising, businesses are more likely to survive.

If you are a business that can benefit from using a digital agency to help online operations, contact Bright Choice for a trusted digital solution.

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