Want to get more customers? It’s time to invest in them.


Sajjad Tameez

Whether your business sells products, services or dreams, it’s nothing without customers. Your business could be providing the best products and services on the market, but if customers are not engaging with you, they are probably buying from your competitors.

But all hope is not lost. You can change this if you can modify your approach to customers.

Who are your customers?

Customers come in all shapes and sizes – what people often don’t realise is that a customer does not need to buy anything from you to be a customer. Wait; let me explain: of course, customers who buy your products or services are your direct customers, and without them, your business will fail, but there are various other types of customer.

Among this assortment of customers, some engage with your brand through your content. When people see that you offer valuable content, they are automatically intrigued. This does not necessarily mean that they will buy anything from you immediately, but they will remember you for if and when they decide to buy what you are selling.

Your customers to be part of your sales team

The customers who have engaged with you through your engaging and valuable content, are very likely to share your content if they feel it benefits others. They will also recommend you to people they know need your products and services – especially if your products or services solve their problems.

If your business becomes known for its value, not necessarily what you sell, but the free content you provide in the form of “how-to” articles, blogs and videos, people will begin to hold you as an expert in your industry. And this brings with it an array of benefits. People are much more likely to buy a product or service from a company or sole trader they consider a leader or an industry authority.

If you were looking for help with dental hygiene and visited two sites: the first being a three-page website with very little information aside from mobile a number to call, the latter being a professional, easy to navigate website with high quality and valuable written and visual content – it’s obvious which one you are going to select to solve your problem.

Be specific in your message

Many businesses create vague and monotone sales babble content – customers do not connect with this.

Sales copy is an essential part of customer engagement. Your message must be simple, straightforward and to the point. And importantly, it should be about solving your customers’ problems, not about great your business, how you are the best in your industry and all that nonsense.

Get to the point and give your customers what they are looking for – the simplest and best solution for them. Your value-driven content should indirectly tell them why they should get the solution from you without banging your drums.

Creating content with clear messaging is an essential tool and should not be overlooked. It would be best to find a content creation team that understanding branding, messaging and sales copy and get them to do it properly. Then you can focus on improving your products and services while they help draw in the customers.

Want to get more customers? It’s time to invest in them.

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