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Creative Marketing Agency

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So what's our story?

We’re a small team of creative content creators, marketers and developers based in High Wycombe.

In 2016, two professionals from different creative industries merged their skills to form the Bright Choice Marketing Creative Agency.

Our diverse skills & customer relationships set us apart from other creative agencies. We combined creativity with robust coding to build brands, apps, and websites and create experiences that speak directly to people.

We shifted the traditional focus of providing services to delivering solutions – ranging from brand storytelling and user experience to visual content and sales copy.

" We approach our team in the same way we approach our clients – we see the value in everyone! "

We like to create a relaxed and happy environment for our team to work their magic. We believe in giving our creatives the space they need to create unique designs, robust code and content that demands attention…

…but… not before a chit chat & a great cup of coffee!

Don’t be fooled by our casual attitude

We have intelligent processes to ensure you get the best from us. Our savvy team of developers have developed a sophisticated and integrated project management and customer relationship system so we can keep track of everything we do, how we do it and when it gets done. And the really good part is that you get to log in to your project portal and see the project progress in real-time.

Project management

The customer portal is a magical place where you can engage with the team working on revolutionising your business – you can use it to create discussions, make suggestions, upload files, open tickets for support, and so much more.

We always plan out project schedules together, guaranteeing everyone is on the same page on the quality of work and timelines – and we always strive to deliver more than what you expect!

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