Success is a choice.

We want to live in a world where everyone has chosen.

It’s a bright future.

To achieve an objective, we need two things; motivation to overcome an obstruction, strategy to climb over it.

Bright Choice is a place where we solve problems.

We deliver the best destination for your strategy train, beautifully, professionally and in the way you prefer.

Early 2017, Bright Choice was born. Two professionals from different creative industries set out to fashion a solution based creative agency that approached problems from a holistic perspective.

Our multi-disciplinary skills and customer relationships set us apart from other creative agencies. We had a vision to not just create brands, apps and websites but create experiences which speak directly to targeted audiences.

We love efficient, effective and elegant solutions.

Creative Director

Sajjad Tameez

With a background in writing, content creating and graphic design, Sajjad brings a creative spin to company brands. He overlooks all the content created for websites, blogs and social media. He ensures all the content is clear, creative and consistent with your brand and conveys the right message for your targeted audience.

Development Director

Ibraheem Khan

Ibraheem is a partner and principle developer for Bright Choice. His career history began in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and moved into software as his industry experience led him in this direction. Ibraheem has a passion for cutting-edge programming, a penchant for perfectionism and a love of UI/UX.


We develop effective and elegant solutions for start-ups and businesses that have been around for a long time. We create new brands and modernise existing ones with the objective of creating a clear image of your values and services.