A picture paints a thousand words!

The phrase “a picture paints a thousand words” didn’t earn its place in the hall of cliché fame without good reason. It’s true! A picture paints a thousand words.

People have been using drawings and pictures since the beginning of time to convey ideas and messages – and this hasn’t stopped – it has, however, evolved.

Modern-day marketers use graphic design and imagery to interest, intrigue, promote brands and businesses, sell products and all kinds of good stuff. They use images and graphics because people respond and relate to images in just a glance. Some photos and graphics represent an entire message in just a quick scan. This could be a billboard or a poster in the underground, and it will get people turning heads and embed the message in their minds.

Why is visual advertising so important?

Visual aids are a popular tool for learning – from a child learning in a nursery to adults learning a new language – visual aids make learning much more manageable because people make quick and memorable associations with images and graphics.

When hearing or reading “A is for Apple” your mind will automatically draw an apple because you learned with a visual aid.

Time is too valuable to waste.

Not many people walking through the street have the time or patience to stop and read chunks of text on a billboard or a bus shelter window. It is the image that they see that has just a few seconds to captivate the viewer. If the image can spark an interest, people are more likely to pay the advert more attention and thus interpret its message.
Getting people’s attention in a busy, noisy world is a key technique in brand awareness, product or service promotion and sales. You may have the most outstanding product or service in the world, but it is useless if people don’t know about it!

The bottom line:

If you are not using graphic design in promoting your business, then you are missing out!

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