Lewisham Islamic Centre

Lewisham Islamic Centre is a Mosque and Community Centre; a renowned charitable organisation based in the South-east of London. The list of organisational operations carried out by the centre for the local community is extensive, but broadly includes: educa-tion, social activities, chaplaincy and pastoral care.


Like many existing Charities established before 2010, Lewisham Islamic Centre (LIC) made use of their website via hard-coded HTML files with some re-used layouts. This is a particular problem that seems to be associated with anachronistic digital marketing of BAME organisations on a wider spectrum within the United Kingdom.

LIC were already positioned with an established brand following and Bright Choice was contracted to bring the website and digital marketing into the modern day while maintaining some of the core functionalities, such as public and internal calendaring, which the Charity benefitted from daily.


We initially updated the Charity’s brand, refreshing the colours and re-drawing the logo to tighten up the brand lines and smarten the overall look and feel. It was realised that the brand refresh might not be cost-effective and so we switched tracks to the website.

We ran a community survey across multiple physical and digital modes, collating and summarising user feedback which then fed back into our design and development process.

The result is a ultra-modern, thoughtfully laid-out website with dynamically loaded and UI editable prayer times, public and private calendars and quick access to documents and services that the community relies on every day.

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