Hill Farm Finest

Hill Farm Finest started out in the summer of 2016 with the sole purpose of providing premium, Halal meat within England. What began as a small enterprise with sales in the couples of thousands has now morphed into the premier supplier of high quality Beef, Lamb and Hogget to customers’ doorsteps, servicing food establishments and the private market.


One of our developers was attached to the original website from Hill Farm Finest’s inception. The company required a complete re-design to facilitate ordering via smaller screen sizes as it was noticed orders from smartphones made up 70-80% of total web orders.

As part of the requirement, we were asked to set up a system to have order invoices printed directly into the Butchery on-site. There was no internet connection into the building and the farm’s Wifi couldn’t reach.


We developed a mobile-first website using PHP7 and LiteSpeed technologies for cutting-edge performance. With a focus on efficient ordering, customers can check out within three clicks.

After an on-site assessment, we installed a powerful, outdoor Access Point connected to the farm’s wired network, extending Wifi signalling to the Butchery. We then installed a Wifi-enabled printer inside and connected it via Google Cloud Print to the web store.

The result is a streamlined, seamless ordering system where orders are processed, packaged and sent out for delivery with minimal admin interaction.


Page Design


The primary purpose of a shop site is to sell things and so the homepage was required to simplify accessing the store. The menu layout was simplified to five items with the most prominent web pages prioritised. A concise, interactive interface was designed and built to maximise efficiency of the space available and encourage user engagement.


A custom shop page was created with the capacity to quick view and add to basket for returning customers as well as quick category links added to a side menu. Users needed to be able to add items to cart within 3-4 taps/clicks after landing on the website while catering to both regular users and content exploration.


As butcheries sell meat it makes sense for meat products to be front-and-centre. Emphasis was placed on high-quality photography combined with short descriptions explaining the selected cuts of meat and what they could be used for. Separating products by variation or how butchers could package was clearly defined as educating customers is important for non-standard ordering processes.


The contact page was designed to be inviting and information-dependant without extending the content length too much. Users needed to have access to contact information at a glance, with quick links to transfer to off-site social media accounts. A Google Map was placed on the page as some customers prefer to collect orders in person from the farm itself.


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